Kimi to Boku : Episode 1 Review

wp kimi to boku

It has been a long time since I watched this anime and thought of re-watching it. So here is my review on Kimi to Boku – Episode 1.

The story starts where four childhood friends – Shun, Kaname, Yuta and Yuki (twins) enter their second year high school in spring.

wp- ktb spring

They decide to go to the roof to eat their lunch. There they talk about Kaname who used to have feelings for his kindergarden teacher and about Yuki being a lone wolf. They recall their childhood days when once Yuki had said to Shun and Yuta that the person who sleeps in the middle lose some years of their lifespan. So they call Kaname thinking that if even number of people sleep then there will be no ‘middle person’.

wp ktb childhood

[ From left – Yuta, Yuki, Shun and Kaname.]

Coming back from their flashback,  Kaname decides to make Yuki join a club. While trying many clubs Kaname and Shun find out that Yuki is actually an athlete and is popular with girls! Later Yuki says that he loves manga and anime so Kaname gets annoyed at Yuki for not telling that to him before hand and making him waste his time. Later Yuki joins the Manga club only to find out out that the manga club was just like the previous club he used to go. (The going home club)

The anime is really funny and interesting. As the story continues, many other characters are introduced who make the anime more funnier. Please do comment on your thoughts about this anime or about any other funny anime you would like to recommend to me. 🙂

– HimAwARi


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