Poem – Childhood

wp childhood

Yesterday I was cleaning my book shelf and found an old folded paper. I opened it and found a poem that I had written a few years ago. The poem was about my childhood.

When I was small I was a hyper-active kid and used to live with my grandparents most of the time. The place where I used to live in was like a village. I had many epic moments and an awesome time during my childhood. I was a curious, innocent and a mischievous brat! I still find myself wanting to go back to those fun and carefree days. Here is my poem :

I ran across the ground,

looking at my friends all around

played all day,

used to feed the cow hay

Raced and climbed the tallest tree,

never worried, always free

ran on the roof tops,

of all the houses and shops

Can’t forget those great days,

always knew there is a way

Never feared anything,

and always kept smiling 🙂

You must have also had an awesome time as a child. Do let me know about one of your many awesome epic moments or any other thoughts in the comments below! 😉

– HimAwARi


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