I got nominated by Aaronelpis for the Liebster Award!

I thank Aaronelpis for nominating me 🙂 Do visit their blog as it is really nice. I find their posts to be interesting.

wp leibster

The rules of liebster award are as follows –

1) Thank and link back to your nominator.

2) Answer the 11 questions given by the nominator

3) Nominate other 5-11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers

4) Create 11 new questions for your nominees

5) Let your nominees know that you have nominated them via social media or their blogs.

My answer to Aaronelpis’s questions –

1) What was the First anime you finished?

Ans. It must be Fruits Basket or Ultra Maniac, I’m not sure.

2) What’s the worst anime opening or ending song?

Ans. Kokoro Connect opening theme. Its not a bad song but I didn’t like it. But there are many who like it, so don’t take it too seriously. 😛

3) What genres of anime do you prefer?

Ans. I prefer Comedy, Slice of Life, Action and Horror. 🙂

4) How much time do you spend watching anime each week?

Ans. I spend about 7-10 hours on anime each week.

5) How do your friends and family feel about you watching anime?

Ans. My friends ask me to narrate an anime plot or story to them and even ask me to teach them some japanese words like Gomenasai, Arigato and so on. So I am assuming they are happy about me watching anime.

My family doesn’t mind me watching but they tell me that I need to limit my time given to anime.

6) Have you ever cosplayed?

Ans. Unfortunately, nope 😦

7) Do you buy merchandise for your favorite shows?

Ans. No but I would love to buy.

8) What was the funniest anime you’ve ever seen?

Ans. Check my post on Genre-Comedy 🙂



I am not able to choose one so here are my top three:


Daily Lives of Highschool Boys


naru thank you 2

9) What was the weirdest anime you’ve watched?

Ans. I don’t think I have watched any weird anime.

naru- everything appears beautiful to me

10) Where do you get your anime and manga news?

Ans. I get the news from blogs, anime-news websites, fb, youtube, animax, anime and manga websites, etc. There are a lot of sources through which I get my anime and manga news now that I think about it.

11) What’s the prize of your anime collection?

Ans. Well I don’t have an anime collection.

My nominees –


Otaku Highscool Life 


My Questions

  1. Cats or Dogs?
  2. Most favorite anime opening or ending song.
  3. Swords or Guns?
  4. Most annoying and an interesting anime character( Name two anime characters where in one is annoying and the other is interesting)
  5. How were you introduced to anime?
  6. An anime/manga character you resemble the most. (not physical features )
  7. Which genre do you prefer the most?
  8.  On a range of 1-10 rate on how much you socialize with people.
  9. Have you ever cosplayed?
  10. Favorite voice actor
  11. Anime you have watched more than twice.

I thank Aaronelpis once again for nominating me and do not forget to visit their blog 😀

Arigato gosaimasu   (Thank you) :)
Arigato gosaimasu (Thank you) 🙂

– HimAwARi 😉


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