I got nominated for liebster award by fiddletwix!

I thank fiddletwix for nominating me for liebster award. Please do visit their awesome blog without fail 😀 I love their reviews.


The rules of the liebster award are –

1) Thank and link back to your nominator.

2) Answer the 11 questions given by the nominator

3) Nominate other 5-11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers

4) Create 11 new questions for your nominees

5) Let your nominees know that you have nominated them via social media or their blogs.

Answer to fiddletwix’s questions –

1) Worst Plot Twist in an Anime?( Spoiler Tags Galore )

Ans. I did not like the twists in Bokura ga Ita. It kinda got on my nerves so I stopped watching it half way through. The plot was nice but for some reason it was annoying.( probably might be because of the characters )

2) What is Your Current Opinion on the First Anime You Ever Watched?

Ans. Dragon Ball z was the first anime I ever watched and it is still one of my favourite anime.

3) What is Your Favorite Animation Studio?

Ans. I like Brain’s base and Aniplex.

4) What Anime Character Do You Most Relate To?

Ans. I think I relate to Naru from Barakamon. She too is adventurous just like me 😀

5) Favorite Movie Genre?

Ans. Comedy,Slice of life and Action.

6)  Favorite Drink?

Ans. Lemonade.

7)  Favorite Fictitious Place?

Ans. Its a place where the sky’s reflection falls on the water making it look like the sky itself. Somewhat like this –

wp clear the sky

I think places like this are very beautiful and peaceful. 🙂

8) Weirdest Outfit in an Anime?

Ans. I don’t know about an outfit but check this out –



9) Least Favorite Anime Opening Theme?

Ans. Kokoro connect opening theme.

10)  Favorite Weapon from a Movie, TV show or Anime?

Ans. I like swords and guns. I like Kirito’s and Sasuke’s sword a lot.

wp sasuke's sword wp kirito sword

11)  Favorite Voice Actor? (From western cartoons or anime)

Ans. Sakurai Takahiro and Tatsuhisa Suzuki are my favourite voice actors.

My nominees –




Takuto’s Anime Cafe


My Questions –

1) Favorite YouTuber

2) Cats or Dogs?

3) Most favorite anime opening or ending song.

4) Most favorite quote

5) An anime/manga/movie character you resemble the most. (not physical features)

6) Most favorite soundtrack.

7) Swords or Guns?

8) How were you introduced to anime?

9) Which is your favorite sports?

10) On a range of 1-10 rate on how much you socialize with people.

11) Which genre do you prefer the most?

– HimAwARi 🙂


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