Epic Anime scene!!

Hey guys!! After watching the anime One Punch Man I thought of writing this post. I enjoy the action/comedy genre a lot. Below are anime that belong to that category.

1. Anime : Hataraku Maou-sama (The devil is a part-timer)

I just love this anime!!!!! If you have not yet watched it, I recommend you to watch it. Now!!

Some other awesome anime –

2. Anime : Beelzebub

3. Anime : One punch man

I have seen many people compare saitama and goku claiming that the latter or former is stronger. Well this is my opinion and I think there is no use in determining who is stronger as both of them exist entirely in two different realms!! So lets just enjoy both the epic anime. Don’t start arguing. When I tell this, I don’t mean to tell that its bad to like one more than the other. I’m just trying to say don’t disrespect others opinions. Anyways, both of them are really cool characters, no doubt in that. Well, what do you guys think? Let me know about your thoughtsor opinions in the comments.

–Β HimAwARi πŸ˜€


11 thoughts on “Epic Anime scene!!

      1. Fate/Zero is in my top 5 favorite anime ever, so take that as you will. It’s a fantasy epic of 7 warriors from the past that clash in present day under the restrictions of 7 mages. In battle royal style, they duke it out for the elusive chalice of legend, the Holy Grail, which supposedly can grant the winner any wish. There necessarily a main character, so it’s fair game as to whoever reins victorious. All 25 episodes can be watched on Crunchyroll for free, dubbed and subbed, which is glorious either way.

        F/Z is designed to be the prequel to the anime/game Fate/ stay night. F/sn has the same concept, only instead of adult mages we focus on a couple of teenagers as the leads. It is the original story, then F/Z came around to flesh out the background. In 2014, a remake of the alternative game route “Unlimited Blade Works” culminated the concept of F/sn with this different route. Why is it superior to the original F/sn anime then? The animation studio was Ufotable, which made the flawless F/Z.

        The Fate universe is a wonderful one, full of magic, adventure, romance, and tragedy. My opinion? Start with F/Z, Zero is the beginning, after all! Then work on the 2014 UBW. You can skip F/sn in my opinion, but if you like the character Saber from F/Z or UBW, then it’s worth checking out. Just know that it has aged significantly (2006). I do hope you invest yourself in this masterful franchise! It’s a whole new level of EPIC anime πŸ˜€

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